battlefield tours in the Salient

Salient Battlefield Tours

Salient Battlefield tours offers the visitor a chance to walk amidst the poppies of the old battlefields, to see where the troops fought, to learn about the appalling conditions in which they lived, fought and died, and see the immaculate cemeteries where so many are buried. T. 0032 (0)57 214 657, tours@salienttours.com

Frontline battlefield Tours

Make an unforgettable journey through Flanders Fields in the comfort of one of our Mercedes minibuses with air-conditioning. Join us for an impressive, terrible, but also real and passionate tour through the Ypres Salient. Walk in the footsteps of young volunteers coming to Ypres from all over the world. Experience their fears and joys and let yourself be immersed in a wordl that almost 100 years ago made headlines everywhere. An experience you’ll never forget! Specific tours on request T. 0032 (0)57 859 935 – M. 0032 (0)474 367 608 info1@frontline-tours.com

2Xplore Flanders Fields – Battlefield Day Tours

2Xplore Flanders Fields Tours differ because of their unique concept which will be unveiled by your guide, a local man of considerable contemporary military experience. Forget about endless lectures and ready explanations on the usual tourist sites. A careful selection is made of “must-see” sites and “off the beaten track” (private) sites, going local !

Tel : 0032 (0) 475 519 828.,

Cycling the Western front battlefield tours

Discover the 1914-1918 front area by bicycle in accompaniment of a guide. The tours are no competition but a trail across roads which are chosen for their historical and landscape value. M. 0032 (0)475 810 608 Carl.ooghe@gmail.com

 Lest we Forget WW I and WW II Battlefield Tours

As the name of our company suggests our role is to remember and commemorate those who gave up everything that was so dear to them during the two World Wars for the freedoms which we all enjoy today. Please see our website for full itineraries. The maximum group size of 3 persons guarantees initmacy and comfort. The Company Director has almost 20 years of tour management experience and the principal guide is an established resident and former British soldier veteran. T. 0032(0)478 355 265 ,

Flanders Battlefield Tours

Flanders Battlefield Tours organises private tours for individual travellers and small groups up to 16 people. The aim is to remember the enormous sacrifice made for freedom. The guides are passionate about the Great War an there are well informed and involved about the latest discoveries and developments. T. 0032 (0)57 360 460.,


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