scooter rental in Ypres

The Ambrosiahotel has 1 Honda pcx 125cc with automatic gears. Scooter rental is highly recommended. It’s a nice, pleasant experience. The Honda pcx is called out the scooter of the year 2011. With reason!

The Honda pcx 125cc is stable, reliable and has a combined breaksystem.  The engine is quiet. The consumption is very limited: +- 2,5l /100km. The driving is very smoothly. You don’t have to change gears, it goes automatically. You can easily sit with two on the scooter. Its seat is a little bit lower than most of the scooters. That means it’s easier to keep the scooter straight. This scooter is perfectly suited for 90km/hour roads. The scooter is allowed on the highway, but not suited for it because the scooter is too slow for it. The Honda drives up to 100 à 110 km/hour.

The price for scooter rental is 65 euro/day.  The price remains the same for 1 or 2 persons on the scooter. The scooter is fully filled and has to be filled again after the tour. If not, a fix price of 9 euro is charged.  The helmet is included. (S, M, L, XL)   If it rains the day that you’ve booked, you can cancel without charge.   The scooter is insured for civil liability. This means that damage to third parties are insured. The damage or loss of the scooter has to be paid by the driver.   The hotel has routes available.   Minimum age is 25 year.  Driving experience is necessary.  A copy of the driving license and identitycard are taken. There’s also a guarantee of 250 euro. The Ambrosiahotel has 1 Honda pcx 125cc.

For scooter rental you may consider the drive the Salient route. The Salient tour is a tour of 70km. You can start and end at the Ambrosia hotel. You’ll see in the way already a lot of points of interests of the area. Essex Farm Cemetery, the German cemetery, the  Canadian Memorial, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Memorial Museum Passchendaele and Hill 60 are places where you’ll be passing. Besides the points of interest, the scenery of Ypres is also very nice.

Personally I prefer a windproof jacket, even with warm weather. Legally seen, it’s obligated to cover your arms and leggs. Also your shoes should cover your ankels.

I can recommand the scooter rental to anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable activity.

For more information about renting a bike, click here.

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