Restaurant recommendations:

Café Les Halles, kollebloeme, het moment, and de ruyffelaer.


The Ramparts is a fortification or a big wall around the city. It dates back of the time of the Middle-Ages. It’s absolutely lovely to walk around there.



In the café In de Vrede, you can buy the best beer in the world. It’s called West-Vleteren. It’s approximately 15 kms from the Ambrosiahotel.

Sites related with the First World War

1 The Last Post at the Meningate

The Last Post is sounded every single day at 20h. Every single day, with an exception during the second World War. The buglers are very dedicated. It are voluntary fireman who are sounding the Last Post. The traffic is closed for the ceremony, which lasts 10 min. to 35 min., depending on the day. No tickets needed, free attendance! For more information of the Last Post, click here.

2 The In Flanders Fields Museum.

The In Flanders Fields Museum is the proud of Ypres.  The museum tells the story of the first world war.  More than 600 000 casualties were involved. Millions were injured. To find out more about the museum, click here.

3 Tyne Cot Cemetery

The largest cemetery from the Commonwealth war Grave Commission (CWGC) in the World. Also the most visited cemetery from the 150 cemeteries around Ypres. Nearly 12000 soldiers are burried there. At the wall at the back of the cemetery, there are another +- 35000 names of missing soldiers. Just next to it, there’s also a visitor’s centre. If there’s one cementary that you want to visit, this is the right one.

4 Hooge Crater Museum

Full scale reconstructions of war scenes, an extended collection of weapons, war equipment and photos make this museum to a true must-see. Very well run small private museum by young people. For more information, click here.

5) German Cemetery

There’s only 1 German cemetery versus 150 from the CWGC around Ypres. That cemetery is in a different style and darker than those of the CWGC.

6) Yorkshire Trench

Reconstruction of trenches at a historically correct place. No entrance fee, permanently open. Bargiestraat 8900 Ieper.

+ no entrance fee, permanently open

– in the middle of an industrial park,

7) Talbot House

Place where the soldiers could forget the war for a while. 15 km behind the frontline. Free tea is offered.

8) Essex Farm (also called the site of John McCrae)

Cemetery where the famous poet is written. Every Canadian still has to learn the poem by heart at school.

9) Hill 60

This is a hill 60 metres above sealevel. This is the first place which was undertunnelled and blown up with explosives. Strategic place where you have a panorama about Ypres. Unfortunetaly only short time afterwards, the frontline was recaptured again. Next to it you can find Caterpillar Crater. A very big crater that you can walk around.

10) Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

Big public museum with dug-out, trenches, costumes, munition, a cinema and an emergency house. You can spend quite a lot of time here. Highly recommended!

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